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Song List

Party Girl

Whiskey Jar

Sugar Mama

I’ll be Seeing You

Hole In My Shoe

Ain’t No River

Both Sides Of The Night

Nobody Knows

Ooh Baby

I Keep On Hoping


Somebody Told Me

West Texas Blues


produced by t.j. dubé for barking dog

executive producer: l.a. bardash

recorded & mixed by randall l. squires at the still, austin, tx

mastered at sound mine by peter blackwell

design by joe montgomery

photography by the kid flash co-op

cover painting "blue nude" by lou ann bardash

tom ovans - vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric guitar (party girl, somebody told me), acoustic slide (ooh baby)

larry chaney - electric guitar, steel (rosalie), guitar organ (west texas blues)

cornbread - bass guitar

vicenter rodriguez - drums and percussion

lou ann Bardash - vocals (i'll be seeing you, aint no river, somebody told me)

Words & Music by Tom Ovans © & Ⓟ 2007 (BMI)


Party Girl


I could never tell you girl for I could barely see

The sun was in my eyes I was dying to believe

Scratching and clawing you know a man will try anything

Just for a chance to be happy like a king

Party Girl

Party Girl


Well Danny was on the inside Louise was going down

Jyl was drinking doubles all over this corporate town

Next thing I knew I was on my way to Mexico

I knew I was in trouble girl cause I couldn’t let you go

Party Girl

Party Girl


Well I never thought we’d make it, it was too far to swim

I was standing on the end of the pier city lights growing dim

Bad guys on my right, bad guys on my left

They left me with no choice but to do what I do best

Party Girl

Party Girl


You know things have gone too far when a man’s death don’t mean a thing

If you’re counting on mercy son you better change what you think

Guilty or innocent somebody got to pay

There are graves full of people who just got in the way

Party Girl

Party Girl


Well we drove all night ‘til that head gasket blew

I left you with all the money honey for what else could I do

They picked me up at dawn at an abandon truck stop

To protect me from my rights they turned the cameras off

Party Girl

Party Girl


You can fool yourself sometime, but someday you’ll see the truth

When you open up your eyes you’ll see the guns pointing at you

This country had a dream, but now that dream has gone to hell

You can hear it in the lies and the stories folks tell

Party Girl

Party Girl


Danny was having a hard time the feds were finally on to him

Jyl was back in the hospital trying to take that cure again

Louise wrote me a letter asking about you

I told her I didn’t know nothing, but I prayed you made it through

Party Girl

Party Girl


Well it’s Saturday night I hear an old freight train

Down here in this part of Texas you know it barely ever rains

I’m thinking about my mama, I’m thinking about ten years

I’m thinking about you girl and wishing you were here

Party Girl

Party Girl




Whiskey Jar


Hey boy

Play that guitar

You don’t know how 

Lucky you are

This could be heaven 

This could be hell

Ain’t no telling

What death will tell


Sister, sister

Don’t be afraid

We all get born

We all get saved

I bring you silver

I bring you gold

I know our love

Has all been sold


Brother, brother

Give me a break

Only so much 

My back can take

I do your work

I pay your dues

I fight your wars

Win or lose


See that moon

Sinking low

I ain’t got no

Place to go

Hey boy

Play that guitar

Somebody pass me

That whiskey jar




Sugar Mama


Been walking down the street

You know I’ve been hanging out

Been walking down the street

I’ve been checking it out

I see all the people

Honey passing by

Yeah I see all the people

I just hang my head and cry


Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel

Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel


You know I’ve been all over this world

Somehow I get around

From New York to London to Paris to Rome

Ain’t no telling where I’m bound

Sometimes I don’t feel too good

You know I got that old trouble in mind

Yeah sometimes I just can’t get right

No peace on earth can I find

Then I remember

Honey I remember you

And I see you strolling

Right down Congress Avenue


Oh sugar Mama

Honey how you make me feel

Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel


I’m drifting through the clouds

Baby I’m coming home

I can see the sun shining off the wings

Baby I’m coming home

We’re gonna go out tonight

We’re going to strut our stuff

Yeah we’re gonna go out tonight

I’m going to give you all my love


Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel

Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel 


Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel

Oh sugar mama

Honey how you make me feel




I’ll Be Seeing You


People running all around

I couldn’t help it if I couldn’t be found

I was on the corner down the street you know

Dodging headlights getting ready for a show


I wasn’t born here but that’s okay

I don’t remember much about anything anyway

It all comes and goes and goes by so fast

I’m barely one step ahead of the past


I got opinions like everyone else

But mostly these days I just keep them to myself

You never know who you’re talking to

It’s been so long since I’ve heard about the truth


Tearing down the buildings, building a new city

Some folks say it’s good some say it’s a dam pity

Well I don’t know it seems like I’ve heard it all before

It’s going to take more than words when they’re kicking down your door


I flipped a coin, heads or tails

I went down to the river but my boat had sailed

I ran into Patty, but she just smiled

Said, “I guess I’ll be seeing you after awhile”


That’s my story what’s left to tell

Know it don’t make much sense but what the hell

Maybe someday I will understand

What she meant when she let go of my hand


I’ll be seeing you in the same old places

I’ll be seeing you among the faces

I’ll be seeing you all over this town

I’ll be seeing you when it all comes down

I’ll be seeing you wherever I go

I’ll be seeing you down every dusty road

I’ll be seeing you in that midnight sky

I’ll be seeing you ‘til the day I die




Hole In My Shoe


Got a hole in my shoe

Got a hole in my shoe

Got a hole in my shoe 

Got a hole in my shoe


Clock strikes midnight it’s getting late

I guess you know we can always sleep ‘til we wake

I’m getting down to it all the reasons why

There’s a party in my head but I’m stranded outside


Got a hole in my shoe….


The rapture came smoking down the trail

The gates opened up to all the prisons and jails

People gathered ‘round in the holiest of towns

They took what God gave and they burned it all down


Got a hole in my shoe….


I fought my way across the plains

I’ve seen the riders riding in the rain

I stood in that place where I always had to be

But the joke was on you the joke was on me


Got a hole in my shoe….


I met my brother out on the street

Down to his last dollar down on his knees

I turned to you but you already knew

The city of ruins I was walking through


Got a hole in my shoe….


Shame on heaven, shame on hell

Shame on all the lies that everybody tells

Somebody I know has got to go

Lately things have been moving way too slow


Got a hole in my shoe….


I’m laying here resting on my back

Looking up at the stars and they’re looking right back

I got a bottle of wine and I’m feeling alright

I’m thinking about you and where you are tonight

Got a hole in my shoe….



Ain’t No River


There’s a girl

She’s waiting by the river now

The rain is falling

Her body is starting to shiver now

And I’m standing

Out on some bridge now

And I’m screaming

But I don’t know what it is now


There’s a boy 

He’s sitting out on a stoop now

He’s got a cigarette 

He’s blowing it for a loop now

He says ”Baby,

“You know I’m telling you the truth now”

He says, “Honey,

What else are we going to do now”


There’s a woman

She’s begging out on the corner

Baby in her arms

Yeah man she’s a real goner

She says, “Hey,

Won’t somebody give me a break now”

She says “Mister,

How much do I have to take now”


There’s a man

On the top floor of a tall building

He’s looking down

Yeah he just turned another billion

He says “Baby,

I know you know how it is now”

He says, “Honey,

Won’t you come and give daddy a kiss now”


I tell you girl

You cross that line they’ll own you

I tell you babe

You speak your mind they’ll stone you

I tell you honey

It don’t matter what they say now

I tell you babe

Ain’t no river gonna wash us away now

Both Side Of The Night


If your paths should cross please give her my best

She’s probably headed south of maybe out west

Tell her I’m still thinking of her

But don’t tell her that I’m still poor

No we’ll let those memories rest


She was more than a lover of mine

And her beauty still haunts my mind

To some the past means everything

To others why it don’t even mean a thing

If I could only control the time


In this maze I try to find my grip

I look and I look but nothing ever fits

To all that is phony I clinch a fist

And I turn my back on those who don’t take the risk

This rage is something I was born with


There is no mercy in love

No none that I can speak of

I’m tired and my heart is torn

And sometimes I curse the day we all were born

These rivers have all turned to blood


Now I travel this road ready to fight

And I got no hope of ever catching her sight

For everything here has been bought and sold

And I say a prayer for all of those

Who’ve seen both sides of the night




Nobody Knows


It happened a long time ago

Just off Central Ave.

Across from the railroad tracks

From the people who have

Hanging around the alleys

Crawling up the backstreets

Generations change kid

You’re running with the heat


You come to the city

Yeah you come to get clean

You come to the city

To see and be seen

You meet the hustlers

You meet the dream sellers

You meet the boys and the girls

Building bombs in the cellar


Somebody’s in the park

Somebody’s in the café

Somebody’s rolling up the street

Saying,  “Get out of the freaking’ way”

People going crazy

People going mad

Somebody getting a little older

Singing hey man what a drag


From the gutter to the curb

You know the road is mighty long

Ain’t no place for the weak

Barely a place for the strong

Keep your eyes open

Remember everything you hear

With every body you step over

You know the reasons are clear


Eastside, Westside

Tell me what can you do

Everybody is talking fast

But nobody’s making it through

You look out your window

Down at the streets below

And you come to realize

That nobody knows Nobody Knows

Ooh Baby


Hear that wind 

Blowing hard

Somebody better 

Pack up the yard

Ooh baby


I’ve been thinking

All night long

Somebody done

Somebody wrong

Ooh baby


You came in like a riot girl

Trying to break out of this world

I come down from that missing point

I rocked this house, rolled this joint


But the road is filled

With one eyed jacks

Broken dreams

And Cadillac’s

Ooh baby


I saw you, you saw me

Now we ain’t nothing like we use to be

Ain’t it a pity how it all falls down

We were once the toast of this town


But now that sun

Is coming up

I can see in your eyes girl

You’ve had enough

Ooh baby





I Keep On Hoping


I keep on hoping

I keep on hoping


Miss Virginia

Says sometimes she wakes in shock

Seems like yesterday

It was mid-night we were all out on the docks

Smoking a joint

Looking at the lights on the Jersey side

We were so young then

We were so alive


I keep on hoping

I keep on hoping


Sister Corrine

With her tarot cards

She sees the future boys

She takes it real hard

I try to help her

You know I do my best to believe

I’d speak in tongues babe

If it would only bring us some peace


I keep on hoping

I keep on hoping


Well somewhere is anywhere

I guess that’s alright to say

People are struggling you know

Most have seen better days

Floods and hurricanes

Corruption and war

Reality’s a freak show

Who can believe it anymore


I keep on hoping

I keep on hoping


A haircut with a camera

A photo op with a sign

They all come down here

Saying the future’s yours and mine

My friend Lewis

He just stands there and grins

He says get ready boys

Cause here we go again


I keep on hoping

I keep on hoping


Well say good night

My dear sweet Ruthie

We’re going to take a taxi

All the way to the top end of the street

We’re going to get out

We’re gonna take a look at that blazing sky

We’re going to see the truth

One time for once in our lives


I keep on hoping 

I keep on hoping







Oh Mr. please twist me one more bottle

Cause I got some thinking to do here

I got a picture of a girl in my wallet

And her memory is becoming all too clear


Oh Rosalie her hair as dark as thunder

And her eyes as deep as the sea

Her every kiss her every whisper I remember

Oh I think I’m going back to Rosalie


Well I came here in search of the holy dollar

Only to find I’ve been walking on shallow ground

My disillusionment grows with every hour

As I look upon this emptiness I’ve found


Oh Rosalie her hair as dark as thunder

And her eyes as deep as the sea

Her every kiss her every whisper I remember

Oh I think I’m going back to Rosalie


So Mr. please tally up what I owe you

Cause I think I’ve finally made up my mind

I got a long trip back across the border

Back to the girl I left so far behind


Oh Rosalie her hair as dark as thunder

And her eyes as deep as the sea

Her every kiss her every whisper I remember

Oh I think I’m going back to Rosalie

Yea I think I’m going home to Rosalie



Somebody Told Me


Somebody told me years ago

Beware of darkness and lights that glow

Take good care, watch your step

Learn to forgive boy but don’t you ever forget


Somebody told me


Somebody told me years ago

You’re going to reap just what you sow

That river’s deep, that river’s wide

Same old trouble waiting for you on the other side


Somebody told me


Somebody told me years ago

Find yourself a good gal and don’t let go

Don’t let pettiness tear you apart

Always keep your dreams boy close to your heart


Some body told me


Some body told me years ago

Streets of heaven are filled with gold

Don’t need no ticket you just get on board

All you got to do son is praise the lord


Somebody told me


Somebody told me years ago

The answer is in the wind that blows

It may be true it may be a lie

You ain’t living unless you’re asking why


Somebody told me




West Texas Blues


Ten thousand miles

Honey I come to your door

Ten thousand miles 

Honey I come to your door

I’m tired and I’m weary

I can’t take one step more


Been out to west Texas

Working them oil fields

Been out to west Texas

Working them oil fields

Only so much a man can take

Only so much the earth can yield


That’s why I come here baby

Back to my home town

That’s why I come here baby

Back to my home town

I just got to know

Honey please don’t let me down


Tina baby

Honey I got the blues

Tina baby 

Honey I got the blues

Only two cures I know

One is whiskey the other is you

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